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Doctor Who Experience - first look at Wales' newest attraction

Doctor Who Experience - first look at Wales' newest attraction

Posted: Tuesday, 17th July 2012

South West Argus/Wales Online
Tryst Williams
17 July 2012

Millions of light years in the making, the Doctor Who Experience opens its doors in Cardiff Bay on Friday. Tryst Williams and family went along for a sneak preview of what’s in store

HE MAY come from the planet Gallifrey, but over the past decade Doctor Who has become as much part of South Wales life as a Clark’s Pie and pint of Brains.
Such is the success of the BBC Wales production filmed in and around Cardiff that spot the location has become a familiar Saturday night TV obsession.
And you could almost be forgiven for expecting to hear the distinctive roar of the Tardis (you know, asthmatic elephant playing the trombone - in a hurricane) on a trip into town or down Roath Park.
But for generations of youngsters who’ve yearned for the chance to step into the magical blue police box, the opportunity has finally arrived - and right on the doorstep, too.
On Friday, the Doctor Who Experience opens at Porth Teigr, close to the Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay, after a year of wowing the crowds at London’s Olympia. The nostalgic will, rightly, lament the Bay’s swapping of dockers for Doctor, but in a world where tourism seems to count for more than the bread-and-butter heavy industries of yesteryear, this particular attraction can only represent a local boon.
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