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The Monster Cosplay winners

The Monster Cosplay winners

Posted: Monday, 18th February 2013

On Saturday 16th February as part of the February half-term activities, the Doctor Who Experience hosted the ‘Dress-up as a Monster’ fancy dress competition.
There were some impressive costumes on display, but there had to be only three winners - these were: 
- Daniel, dressed as a Weeping Angel joined by Mark who dressed as a Dalek
- Two mini monsters
- Nikki, Christina and Ewan dressed as Silurians
See the winning costumes below!
Daniel and Mark:
Two mini monsters:
Nikki, Christina and Ewan dressed as Silurians:
To check out the winnners of last week's Doctor Cosplay competition, click here!
For those of you have missed out, don’t worry – you have one more chance to dress up with the ‘Companion’ cosplay this Saturday 23rd February 2013.
With three chances to win up to £50 worth of Doctor Who goodies, start planning your Doctor who inspired outfits today! 
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