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Walk like a Scarecrow

What you need:

Doctor Who Experience Bullet Point Some straw to stuff into your clothes, or a broom to hold
Doctor Who Experience Bullet Point

Dark clothing and beige face paint

Doctor Who Experience Bullet Point

Strong sturdy shoes

Doctor Who Experience Bullet Point Good acting skills

Are you ready?



Get into dark clothing and paint your face a beige colour, make sure you don’t get the paint on the walls! Stuff some straw into your clothes, or hold a broom in your hands. This will help you get into character.


Put on some sturdy shoes and find a safe open space for you and your friends to practice in.


Find your scarecrow posture. They are stiff and scary and this can be seen in the way they move.


Let’s start with the legs: Scarecrows have no knee joints so they swing their legs round in a circular motion to move forwards.


They always start walking on the left leg with the heel coming down first.


Now you’ve sorted that out, let’s have a look at the arms. The Scarecrows have no elbows and swing their arms out from their bodies. Face forward with the head relaxed and shoulders relatively still.


Now let’s see if you can put it all together. As with humans, the upper body is controlled by the legs. Start by putting your left leg forward. You should always move the opposite arm and leg. Have a go at the walk, swinging your arms like the Scarecrow.


Finally, when you come to a stop, everything freezes and the arms hang. Keep very still. 

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