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Walk like a Cyberman

What you need:

Doctor Who Experience Bullet Point

A safe and open space for you all to practice

Doctor Who Experience Bullet Point

Grey clothing and face paint

Doctor Who Experience Bullet Point

Strong sturdy shoes

Doctor Who Experience Bullet Point Good acting skills –The Cybermen are extremely strong and utterly ruthless without fear, emotion or humanity.


Are you ready?



Get into your grey clothing – you must be covered in grey and paint your face grey too. Make sure you don’t get paint on the walls!


Put on a good pair of sturdy shoes and find a safe open space for you and your friends to practise in.


The ruthlessness and strength of the Cybermen is shown in their stance. To start, make sure you all have your feet parallel and shoulder width apart – this is for maximum mechanical efficiency!


Hold your chests high and your arms should be away from the body – don’t let your arms touch your body - they should be curved with your fists clenched, ready for immediate action.


Your heads should be held straight forward and your eyes must look cold and emotionless. Remember Cybermen were created from living humans and they replaced the bodily organs and limbs with mechanical parts. They are enhanced living humans and they have no weakness and emotion or sense of pain. You must look strong and fierce.


When marching the Cybermen are programmed to lead with the left foot first. We are now ready to march!


Raise your knees to an angle of 45 degrees and then plant them solidly each time you take a new step. It should make a good stomping noise each time you place your foot down. Make sure you don’t swing your arms - Cybermen never waste energy swinging their arms!


Cybermen always march in unison so make sure you are all marching at exactly the same time! 


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