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History of the Doctor Who Experience

20 Feb 2011 Doctor Who Experience officially opens in Olympia, London
19 Sept 2011 Commenced site clearance & construction of foundations at Doctor Who Experience, Porth Teigr, Cardiff Bay
13 Oct 2011 Cyberman's unearthed during ground breaking ceremony
16 Nov 2011 First steel rises out of ground for accomodation block at Doctor Who Experience, Porth Teigr, Cardiff Bay
8 Dec 2011 First main building legs installed at Doctor Who Experience, Porth Teigr, Cardiff Bay
11 Jan 2012 Main buidling frame completed at Doctor Who Experience, Porth Teigr, Cardiff Bay
23 Jan 2012 Fabric roof dropped onto Doctor Who Experience, Porth Teigr, Cardiff Bay
22 Feb 2012 Doctor Who Experience closes at Olympia, London, attracting 230,000 visitors
31 Mar 2012 Daleks arrive at the Doctor Who Experience, Porth Teigr, Cardiff Bay
14 May 2012 Cardiff Council hands Doctor Who Experience the keys to the building
14 Jun 2012 Tickets go on sale for Porth Teigr, Cardiff Bay

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